So far I know he ignores goats, knows no strangers, and has no issues cats as when we were on a walk a cat ran at us with its tail straight up. He did not react besides standing still and leisurely wagged his tail while sniffing it. He is submissive towards other dogs, and he cannot be tethered for 2 seconds without ripping the D-ring off either a halter or collar. (I had to tether him while we fixing where he was staying the first day I was able to bring him home, and every time he got free.) He stays in the yard and doesn’t run off at all as the following days I was able to let him off leash in our yard in the country longer each day. If left alone for more than a few hours, or if he will be in town, the fence needs to be strong as he will find any weak points.

The reason I have him is as I left work he ran down the dirt rod by the railroad tracks in town and turned towards the highway. Normally this wouldn’t be to big of an issue as our town is super tiny, but summer traffic has been horrible, and if he tried to cross it later in the day to go back home he could have been killed. I had to board him at the pound/vet since I was told I couldn’t bring anymore strays home. But his two weeks there was up the first week of September and I have had no luck locating anyone who knows anything.

Patricia Isaacs, Clayton NM, 575/207/5260,