Jax, Five Years Old – Courtesy Posting

Hello, my name is Jenna and I am needing immediate help. We have a almost 5 year old Border Collie mix that we love to pieces. We took him in 7 months ago so that he could have a forever home. We have worked with our vet and the kids have done everything they were trained to do but it is clear he needs to be in a home without children.

Jax is house trained, very smart and knows how to sit and lay down on command. We have been working on the stay command but he is still needing help with this command. He up to date on all his shots, is heartworm free and on prevention and he has been neutered

He loves to play fetch and will play ball all day long. He also needs someone who will walk or run him daily. He needs and has been getting lots of exercise, love and attention. He is a good dog but he cannot be around children. We have been told the issue is he wants to herd them and correct the human behavior and that he just is not right for a home with children. We love Jax and wanted our home to be his forever home. We are his 4th home and it is breaking our hearts that we have to re-home him.

He is scared of garage trucks, thunderstorms (we have a thunder jacket for him), plastic bags and fireworks. He has anxiety with the kids and all of these listed above. We have medicine for him that we only have to give him when we know people will be setting off fireworks.

Jax is a good dog and will make a great companion for someone without small children.

Thank you,
Jenna Fennell
Phone Number: (832) 948-2504
Email: jenna.fennell@yahoo.com
Dog’s Name: Jax
Dog’s Location: Spring, TX