Akela, Three Years Old – Courtesy Posting

Samantha Jackman, OKC, 405-410-8718, samantha.jackman1211@gmail.com

Akela is a 3 year old border collie Aussie mix. He spent the first 2 years of his life locked in a laundry room and allowed in a back yard but with virtually no training and little interaction. When I first got Akela we found out in the first week he wasn’t fixed, not potty trained, no leash training, fearful toward men and aggressive toward other dogs.

With a lot of training we’ve managed to over come just about all of these items. He still struggles greatly with walking on a leash. We’re 99.99% certain that he is 100% working stock. He has a very strong herding instinct. Walking with Akela in a neighborhood is very difficult because he tries to herd cars. We’ve worked on this a lot but without much result and I feel like I’m asking him to be something he s not. It’s very difficult for me to give him the exercise and attention he needs to be happy.

Akela needs a home with someone who is high energy and without children under 8. He really needs a job. Because of this only those looking for working dogs or agility competition dogs etc will be considered as a good fit.

He s a good boy and loves couch snuggles and bones. He s not super toy oriented but love small cat toys that he can baby. He enjoys cauliflower, crackers, most dog treats and is currently on a lamb and rice diet. He knows sit, stay, come, leave it, up, down, left, right, paw, touch, place, spin, and how to jump through a hoop.

If you are interested or know someone who would make a good fit please let me know.