#410 Zuri, Female, Five Years Old, Good with Dogs

Oh my goodness am I super lucky to be part of this rescue group! My name is Zuri and I am 5 years old. My name means beautiful in Swahili and my foster mom chose this name because when I first got rescued I was in REALLY bad shape but thankfully everyone could see that I was going to be truly beautiful!

My story is a sad one- a life full of abuse and neglect. When I finally made it to my foster mom’s, I visited the vet immediately. They were so kind to me and worked on me for 2 hours to literally save my life. I was very very sick with skin, eye and ear infections. I also had a terrible abscess on my foot from a broken and infected toenail. My foster mama says I smelled to high heaven and I have to admit, that after my luxurious soak in special medicated shampoo, I immediately smelled and felt a little better. That first day I got shots of antibiotics, my ears cleaned out and packed with medication, my toenail removed and drained and I got even more medicine to take at home. I had a very high fever, almost no fur left on my body, was starving and dehydrated and the vet said if I could make it through 24 hours that I’d have a good chance at survival.

Well, here I am, many weeks later! My skin is healthy, my fur is growing back in, I’ve gained weight and am healthy at 36 lbs. I am a petite border collie and my fur is sooo soft and pretty! My foster mama tells me that I have the cutest, tiniest ears. I do have some hyperpigmentation in my corneas. This means that the eye infection did cause some permanent damage but I can still see fairly well. It’s not 20/20, but I sure can see treats, love looking at the trees and squirrels on walks and can follow my foster mama around just fine!

I was scared of everything. Every sound, movement, and touch was so terrifying. But, you know what? There are lots of people who have loving hands and I’ve learned to love those hands! At first I was terrified to eat my food and I would only eat in a room by myself where no one could see me. Then I learned that my foster mama was ok to have around while I ate my food. Then pretty soon I started having my food dish moved closer and closer to the kitchen. Did you know that the kitchen is where they keep all the delicious food and treats?! It is now my FAVORITE room in the house!!! Now I eat my meals with the family. I have a foster mama and human boys who are fun to play with. I also have 4 fur-brothers and sister who I love to romp and play with!

I am the best mannered little lady! I am completely potty trained, I NEVER ever chew on furniture or shoes (even if they do smell delicious) or anything I am not supposed to chew on. I never pull on my leash and will walk right by your side. If you give me treats I promise to take them from you so gently you will think its a little mouse taking the treats. I am a super snuggly lovebug and just really love hanging out on the sofa with humans. It really is the best ever!!!

I am almost healthy enough to have my spay day. I’m not entirely sure what this means, but my foster mama says that after spay day comes, I will be ready for my furever home. I’m pretty comfortable here, but my foster mama says that there is a home for me out there where I can have ALL the loves, pets and belly rubs. I wouldn’t mind if that home also had a puppy or small dog for me to play with. Homes with big dogs make me a little nervous so that would take some time for me to get used to. Small children make me a little nervous too with their loud play and quick movements and I tend to hide or bury my face in the sofa when they come over. I really like older kids though – especially when they want to give me treats and snuggle with me. I’ve not met any cats yet but my foster mama says they are out there. I really love walks but my foster mama has avoided the dog park because she said I just am not ready for that yet. It can be very overwhelming, you know? All those dogs trying to sniff my rear… that just is NOT good manners and I don’t care for it! In general cars and loud noises are a little scary, so a more quiet neighborhood is really where I prefer to live.

If you are looking for a sweet baby who conquered the despair of my past and now only has bright eyes on the future… I am your girl! I will be a constant companion and will share all the love I have in my little precious heart!

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