Sugar Baby

#364 Sugar, Female, Four Years Old

Sugar Baby
I am the proud mama of NONUPLETS! That means I just gave birth to NINE puppies just a few weeks ago. That is a big word, but since I am a Border Collie, that makes me super smart and big words are just one of the things I know! I didn’t intend to have a big litter but…… there are no mistakes in life, just happy accidents! However, in the words of Bob Barker (woof! Barker…get it, woof! Woof! That is some Border Collie humor right there!) “Have your pets spayed or neutered!” I will be getting spayed in the next few weeks.

My life sure has recently changed! I had puppies, spent a little stint in the shelter when my owner could no longer care for me. Then I traveled several hours in two different cars with my babies to get to my foster mom’s house. What an adventure! Texas sure is a big state! Now I am eating and sleeping lots so that I can nurse my babies for a few more weeks. Caring for nine puppies is a LOT of work, let me tell you! But I really love people of all shapes and sizes and I REALLY love going on walks and take time to smell the roses, because life is looking GREAT!

I am not very photogenic right now. The camera makes me a little nervous around my puppies, plus I can’t leave them for very long by themselves to get a photoshoot. Puppies can get into lots of trouble and make messes if left alone for very long, you know!

Right now I have a pretty bad ear infection and I am heartworm positive, so I won’t be ready for my forever home for a couple months. But while I am waiting for my own special family to find me, I am getting medical care and learning love, manners, housetraining, how to play well with others and what warm baths and soft beds feel like!

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