#334 Cookie, Female, Three Years Old, 

Cookie (also known as Cooks) is a 3 year old, 42 lb black border collie mix who is spayed, chipped, and has shots. She is a very sweet and gentle girl, but can be shy/a little scared because of what has happened in the past. She is normally OK with other dogs if introduction is done properly ALTHOUGH she would do better with a dog who isn’t up in her face/has low energy. She would also be great in a one dog home, or even an apartment setting in some cases. She is great with kids, as long as they aren’t too rough with her. She is crate trained (loves her crate, her safe place), and potty trained. We are working on the leash and she walks well! She knows “sit”, “go in” (crate), and we are working on a few more commands. Unfortunately, she knows the word “no” with fear. She likes to be loved on, cuddled and petted. She does not like being startled, especially while sleeping. She is not big into toys, but LOVES treats and antlers! Her favorite thing in the world is just being by humans who love her.
Give Cookie a chance, because she deserves it. She’s been through a lot, and needs time to adjust, but in the end, she will be your best friend. She’s an amazing dog that will love you forever and will thank you for saving her.
Unfortunately, due to prior neglect, Cookie is Heartworm positive. She has begun Heartworm treatment, and will be available for adoption once deemed Heartworm free.