#418 Buddy, Male, Two Years Old

Buddy is 2 years old male. He is a sweet boy, but does have some compulsive behaviors that the foster home is working on. We are working with his vet, a veterinary behaviorist and a canine osteopath to help this special boy. It is quite possible that this poor guy received a blow to the right side of his head at some point in his past. His jaw on that side looks like it may have been cracked and not quite right, his canine is now leaning at an angle on that side, and his right eye sits a tad but lower. At times we have had an osteopath work on is head and neck to give him relief. She also believes his eye on that side gives him some visual problems. Because of his visual stimulation issues, this causes his CCD and Buddy does not get along with some dogs. He would be better in an only dog home, and not with small children. Buddy does need to be managed with an X-Pen or crate when he can’t be supervised, otherwise he becomes frustrated, frantic, and returns to his CCD behaviors. It is best to make this an area where he won’t see shadows, so controlling the light when confined is a must. He does well when confined and loves to have a food toy or two to occupy his mind. All that being said, Buddy has come a long way! He now can settle and engage in other activities rather than LOOKING for shadows to chase. He knows his name, and now it can be used to break his CD pattern. He is on an herbal calming powder, which has helped, and behavioral meds are still on the table, but for now training and the herbal seem to be doing the trick. He will need to be on this regimen for the rest of his life. He is house broken, and has learned to use a doggy door to have access to the back yard. He does know a sit, and we are working on him taking treats more gently. He actually walks pretty well on a leash. Buddy’s foster mom will continue to reinforce his behavior until he finds a forever home. She is willing to help his adoptive family if he stays in the DFW area, and if not, will find help wherever he lands. It would be good for him to be in an obedience class, and is very food motivated and has taken to clicker training. Buddy is on the small side and is VERY active. He loves to chew, and will satisfy this with antlers and other appropriate items, he does like to play with balls, although he does not really fetch. Squeaky toys are THE BEST! He gives wonderful kisses, likes to share a couch and bed to be petted. This dog has a lot to give, and needs someone who will be patient and follow through.

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