#400 Joker, Male, 14-15 Years Old

Hi, My name is Joker. I’m somewhere between 14 and 15 years old. I was dropped off in far west TX and would have been euthanized if it were not for BCRR and my Foster Mom (FM). According to FM she has a soft spot for us old ones! She has nicknamed me “Old Man”. After getting to my FM’s house and meeting the other resident Border Collies, I settled in on the nice soft doggy beds. Sometimes I just can’t decide which one to pick, although the ones with a bolster seem to be my favorite. The other old lady in the house, my foster sister, and I hang with FM each day and follow her from room to room. FM says I’m a talker, as I like to make noises when she talks to me. I’ve also done much better with getting around after loosing weight and getting some arthritis medication, and my feet trimmed. I learned to use a doggy door, and have not had accidents in the house. I have found I still like to play with balls. Although I can’t see as well as I used to, FM gives me real short and easy throws and I really do try to catch it, and once in a while I actually do! If I miss one, I just find it and bring it back so we can go again. My tail is wagging a lot more now. I am a charmer, an old soul, and will follow you anywhere and everywhere around your house. I like to be brushed and petted and sit at your feet. I do have some arthritis, and have cataracts. FM cleaned up an ear infection when I first got to her, and she checks regularly. If you want to help and old man in the twilight of my life… I’m your Border Collie!

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