#373 Heath, Male, Six Months Old, Good with Dogs

My name is Heath, like the candy bar! I am 6 months old and am such a sweet and handsome boy! I am located in New Braunfels, Texas, but I travel really well in the car!

I am a border collie mix, even though I don’t look very border collie. Everyone always tells me that I am very handsome and I am certainly as smart as a border collie! The vet thinks I am mixed with lab and that I will probably grow to be as big as a lab (60-75 lbs). I’ve seen those dogs at the dog park and they sure are beautiful and know how to have so much fun!
My foster mom says I am a really good boy. For playtime I like to run and chase my foster sister, wrestle with the big dogs, enjoy balls, frisbee, and squeaky toys. Oh and sticks. I adore sticks and like to chew on them, though my foster mommy has to limit this because I have no self-control and will eat the whole stick. She is a joy-kill.
Walks and runs are amazing. I mean, really amazing and I look forward to my daily walks with exuberance! Sometimes on walks I see birds, deer and toads and they all capture my interest! If I could just figure out how to escape this harness and leash so I could chase them…. did I mention that my foster mom is a joy-kill???
I am pretty darn interested in cats and while I am nice to them, I chase them and my foster mom says that causes the cats anxiety. Why can’t the cats just take a xanax?? I don’t understand, but mom says that I would do best in a home with NO cats! And because I have grown up in a house with lots of dogs, I really do enjoy the companionship of dogs, so if you already have one, I would be a good boy and play with the other dogs.
Now that I have had all my shots and my microchip, my foster mom takes me to really fun places where I get to show of my superstar charm! We go to the dog park, the local dog friendly watering holes, restaurants and sometimes to other friends homes. I love it when I get to go because everyone just loves how sweet I am and I get LOTS of ear scratches, kisses and belly rubs.
I am potty trained, sleep through the night, walk beautifully on a leash, know how to sit, working on stay. I sit and wait for my dinner to be served, and I am crate trained (mostly)- though I’d really rather just hang out with people and sleep on the sofa! I LOVE treats! I LOVE food! and I LOVE pets and cuddles!
If you are seeking a super fun dog who is also quite handsome and loves to cuddle, I am your man! Please consider adopting me!