#425 Diamond, Cat, Female

Diamond is a four year old gray tabby cat. Her previous owner says she is mixed with Bengal. She is slightly overweight at 15 pounds, but don’t let that fool you, Diamond loves to play as well as cuddle.

She adores attention and will spend her time cuddled up with you, purring and talking to you. She will explore the house, but will spend most of her time in the room with you. She also enjoys playing with toys like strings and her other cat toys.

She loves to explore the different surfaces in the house, and can even be found sleeping on top of her foster’s upper cabinets in the kitchen or in their dresser drawers.

She is an indoor cat and uses her litter box.
Diamond is ok with dogs, so long as they don’t pester her. She has done well with cats who were well socialized, but was not necessarily interested in playing with them.

She is the all-around purr-fect cat for cat lovers: cuddly, playful, intelligent, and communicative.

Interested in adopting? Please visit our Website to complete an Adoption Application. Diamond has a sponsor, and therefore, her Adoption Donation has been reduced to just $50.