#354 Ammo, Male, Six Years Old, Good with Dogs, Special Needs: Deaf

Ammo: While I am not a border collie, I AM black and white, so that should count for something! I am approximately 6 years old and have special needs as I am deaf and have low vision in low light situations. Please don’t let that scare you as I am quite adept at adapting and my foster mom is teaching me basic commands in sign language. I currently know sit, stay, outside, no and good boy. I am a very good boy so I learned that sign very fast! I am really smart!

My previous life was not so comfortable and I didn’t get a lot of vet care. I also had a lot of my teeth removed and need good dental hygiene to help prevent further tooth loss. I was heartworm positive and also had some tick-borne infections. The good news is that I’ve had medical treatment and am now heartworm negative! The bad news is that the heartworm caused me to have an enlarged heart, which I am living with just fine and my foster mom tells everyone that my big heart is just full of LOVE! The anaplasmosis from the ticks caused me to have some joint inflammation and arthritis so some days my bones and joints are kind of tender. I don’t let that keep me from jumping up to sleep on the soft sofa, my foster mom’s bed or in the super comfy leather recliner. (That’s my favorite!)

I really really love going for walks and car rides. Sometimes my foster mom’s son takes me to fun, dog friendly restaurants and a local patio bar. I absolutely win over the hearts of everyone I meet there. I always use my manners, love other dogs, and adore people of all ages, shapes and sizes!!

I’m a lover for sure and have so much life and love to share. I’m a very calm boy and love basking in the sunshine, long walks, cuddles, sitting on laps and treats are especially delicious!

Please consider me as an addition to your home. I am one of a kind and will bring so much love I to your world…after all, my heart IS extra big!

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